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Recovery and reuse of contaminated solvents with distillers 


Solvent distiller 

Solvent distiller 

Solvent distillers:

Recovery and reuse of contaminated solvents prociding from the cleaning and degreasing in several industrial processes.


A simple distillation process separates the contaminant products - resins, pigments, paints, inks, oils, etc. - from the original solvent, which is collected in a container for a next reuse.


At the end of the cycle, the contaminants are left in the bottom of the kettle, which is easily downloaded by turning the device upside down.


Treated solvent characteristics are not altered by this process, which can then be repeated indefinitely.


Controlgraf solvent distillers family includes devices of various capacities.


CAPACITIES: 25 - 60 - 120 litros.



In the case of liquid contaminants, the residue from the distillation process is extracted by spinning the device. In the case of solid contaminants, bags "Rec-Bag" are used to avoid direct manipulation (see figure below).


All solvent distillers can be equipped with an optional vacuum group, recommended for solvents with high boiling point or in the case of flammable solvents with a boiling point near the point of autoignition. Depending on customer requirements, the vacuum can be powered by compressed air or by an electric pump.


OFFSET WEB PRESS applications incorporate a static separator for water separation. In FLEXOPRINTING case It's not necessary because there's no ned to remove water.Solvent distiller scheme

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