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Equipos, recambios y guias Pantone para la Industria Grafica
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Wide variety of steel and plastic blades to suit the needs of cleaning offset printing.

Available in any thickness, stiffness, bevel and length of coil. Available in steel, stainless steel and onyx.

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Recyl CLEAN2000 | Recyl QuickWash


Cleaning, care and maintenance of cylinders and offset printing is accurate and delicate. Every circumstance and element requires an specific product.

Recyle has multiple options in cleaning of cylinders and other offset machinery parts, cliches maintenance, solvent system cleaners, water, etc...

Recyle COBRA cleans deeply any type of ink and coating products (UV & acrylic coatings) highly blocked. Each bottle can clean up to 6 m2 of ceramic rollers. The kit contains all you need.

Recyl CLEAN2000 keeps the anilox in good condition and avoids clockings. Each bottle may clean up to 25 m2 of ceramic rollers, chrome or rubber of any ink and coating material.

Recyle QuickWash is the most versatil in the asorted types of inks in the market. Odorless, nonflammable and user safety.
Cleans up any part of the Offset machine, either in direct application or diluted for use in machines.

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Cepillos para limpieza de maquinas de etiquetas


For several material, shape and hardness cylinder washing in offset printing machine.

Brass brush for chromed cylinder, steel brushes for ceramic cylinder, sitetic brushes for clichés, with PVC or wooden handle.

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Wastewater treatment 
	   and separation by vacuum

Industrial wastewater vacuum evaporator

Wastewater treatment and separation by vacuum evaporation technology.

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Pantone Guides

Guidelines for color control & selection. Paper -Pantone coated & uncoated guides- and fabrics (Pantone Fashion Home).

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Sketchs & Drafts

Wooden furniture and metal file of films, drawings and sketches.

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