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Equipos, recambios y guias Pantone para la Industria Grafica
Telefono y Fax
Control de calidad: Guias Pantone, densitometros, etc

Quality Control :

Pantone guides, scales, densitometers, micrometers, pH & conductivity meters, microscopes, paper scales, mixers, ...

Light desks proof viewing stations
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Light desks & Proof viewing stations:

Light desks, tables, walls and table tops, colour proof box, daylight lamps, ...

Filing systems
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Filing systems:

Shelving and drawer cabinet filing systems. Efficient storing of films, color proofs, original boards, CD-ROM, DVD, maps, and other slim objects.

Waste water treatment
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Waste water treatment:

EVAPORATOR: Industrial wastewater evaporator.
DESTILLATORS: Solvent Recovery.
ODOR EXTRACTORS: Graphic Industry.

Protection & Safety at Work
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Protection & Safety at Work:

Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mats, Non-Slip Mats, Pallets and Sumps, Safety Storage Cabinets, Smoke Extracto.

Spare Parts & Consumables
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Spare Parts & Consumables:


Protection & Safety at Work
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Graphic Auxiliar Machinery:

Srink wrapping, paper drilling, guillotines, manual and electric trimmer, stitchers, stapler, shearing and others machines.

Applications: OFFSET and DIGITAL.

Printing machinery cleaning
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Printing machinery cleaning:

Plate, blanket and roller cleaning, brushes, cleaning chemistry, SI LCL laser cleaning.


Other devices
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Other devices:

Interactive monitors, photo lamps, identification and location, barcode readers, label printers.

Auxiliar Machinery
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Auxiliar Machinery:

Pile turners, ink mixing machines, pneumatic mixers. Tri-Creaser.

Controlgraf | Equipos y Recambios para Artes Graficas
Controlgraf: Equipos y Recambios artes Graficas


  • Industrial evaporators for the treatment and reutilization of waste water using vacuum evaporation technology.
  • Industrial distillers for the recovery of solvents.

Industrial wastewater evaporators:

Our industrial wastewater evaporators for the liquid residues treatment are based on vacuum evaporation technology, the best solution for an efficient separation of the solid substances from the waste water. The treated water can be reused for other purposes.

This technology minimizes the amount of residues. The evaporators concentrate the solid pollutant and allow to re-use the water once distilled.

The evaporation technology is the most appropriate waste water proceeding for processes like: Contracoladoras ¿?, water with acrylic glaze remains, waters proceeding from the cleanliness of plates, wetted systems, buckets of cleanliness of plates (not solvents), plate developers, waste water with ink remains (silk-screen printing / flexo), gluer machinery, etc.

Among the principal advantages of the utilization of vacuum evaporation technology we stand out:

  • High performance
  • Low consume, energy saving
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Wide range of evaporator sizes depending on liquid daily flow and space requirements.
  • Reuse of the water
  • DRY Evaporator: dries completely the resultant solid residue from solid-liquid separation.
  • VNT Evaporator: completely automatic operation

The vacuum evaporators can include an output ozone generator in compliance of spillage to the public network limitation legislation.

Ask for the possibility of having an evaporation unit in company to test and verify results under operation.

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Solvent recovery destillators

Destillator systems for the recovery and reuse of contaminated solvents. A greate solution on several industrial cleaning processes.

Our solvent recovery system allows recovery and reuse of contaminated solvent through the technology of simple distillation, separating the contaminants, resins, pigments, paints, inks, oils, etc .- from the original solvent

The result of the process is a treated solvent that does not lose its properties, so if you are regularly adding a small proportion of unpolluted fresh solvent, the process can be repeated indefinitely. After the solvent recovery cycle oiled, the contaminants are left in the bottom of the kettle waiting for download.

Wastewater treatment 
	   and separation by vacuum

Industrial wastewater vacuum evaporator

Wastewater treatment and separation by vacuum evaporation technology.

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Pantone Guides

Guidelines for color control & selection. Paper -Pantone coated & uncoated guides- and fabrics (Pantone Fashion Home).

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Sketchs & Drafts

Wooden furniture and metal file of films, drawings and sketches.

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